Validating controls in asp net

Further, it would have created a smaller footprint, but still a footprint all the same.

The Solution Over coffee and a delicious granola bar (that may or may not have been used together in a dipping arrangement), my colleague and I came to the same realization simultaneously.

A scenario to illustrate this would be when you have a search textbox and button on the top of your page, and you want to post this directly to a page without having to-do a postback to the same page and then a manual re-direct.

Now, entering something on the textbox and doing a tab will clear the error message. For example a Required Field Validator can be used to make sure the user does not skip mandatory fields.Since Q2 2012 there are some modifications for Rad Input validation.These validator controls will fire even when we navigate between the controls on the page.For example, declare a Required Field Validator and associate with a Text Box control.

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The main idea is to render only the input element all the time, and remove the span element and the excessive inputs.

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