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In fact, when it comes to finding a real life partner online relationships can be a hindrance rather than a help. Because once you are involved in an online relationship you will almost certainly focus on that rather than on finding a real life partner.Time and time again I have people tell me about this wonderful long distance relationship they have, and time and time again those relationships fall apart.

While chat rooms are a great place to meet and talk to people about the lifestyle, only rarely do such online connections lead to successful, long lasting real relationships.The general consensus from the kink community is that the 50 Shades series and its ripple effect on mainstream media is a very very bad thing.As a lifelong kinkster, I don’t share the same pitchfork mentality.So you have finally come to the realization that you are either Dominant or submissive, or at least that you are interested enough in either of these that you want to explore the possibilities they offer further.The question is, how do you find someone, either dominant or submissive with whom to explore them, without jeopardizing your safety or discretion?

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