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Whichever subscription you buy, however, customers need to be aware that your subscription will automatically renew without your authorization at the end of the year, and this renewal includes your Profits Unlimited subscription as well as a renewal fee for the Bauman Letter subscription.

At this time, customers are able to pay for the digital version of Profits Unlimited alone, 9 for the Deluxe Subscription, which includes both print and digital versions of their newsletter, and for the Premium Subscription, which includes the digital and print subscription as well as three additional bonus reports.

In order to teach people how to best invest in the market to benefit financial from this new innovation, Profits Unlimited has published a special ebook called “Your Internet of Things Action Plan.” This ebook includes reports and bonuses like The Company Leading the Trillion Revolution, which will identify which corporate pioneer to invest in; 5 Technology Stocks That Will Power the Next Industrial Revolution, which identifies five additional companies for investment; 3 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid, which explains which three companies used to dominate the technology industry but are on their way out; and the Bauman Letter, a financial newsletter from Ted Bauman, which publishes financial strategies to grow and protect your wealth.

In order to receive this ebook, however, you must sign up for a minimum year’s subscription to the Profits Unlimited financial newsletter.

Technology is the reason for most medical and pharmaceutical advancements.

For example, 3D printing to save lives, drugs that can target and kill cancer cells without damaging healthy ones, and pain relief discoveries that aren’t based on addictive opium or morphine.

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