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With 40 million Americans trying online dating services, it only becomes more normal every day.

Valentine's Day makes people think of different things: flowers, chocolate, or maybe neurotic, hyper-picky womanizers like Jerry Seinfeld (the character, not the human). After poring through all of his dating quibbles and preferences, Sony created and sent us this handy infographic that lays out his (character's) perfect woman.

The information is base on women’s searchers for their preferred attributes in a man while online dating.

Another aspect of this is that women may say they are into certain attributes online but after meeting someone and learning more about them they may be forgiving in some areas.

Dating is about give and take and that mans you have to accept some qualities that you may not like.

Vicious creatures wait to ambush you – technologically and romantically – on your way through the online dating undergrowth. You have delicate information that needs to be kept safe, protected, discreet and available only to those you choose. They want care about certain qualities and don’t care about others.This infographic shows the qualities that they most prefer and that they least prefer.As a relationship progresses, finances start to become more of the discussion.Learn when more and more couples are starting to talk dollars, cents and credit.

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