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In fact, when Reima was living life as an out and proud gay man named Aaron Mc Corkle, he attended Winston-Salem State University as a broadcast journalism major.

Movie credits include Honey (2003) and Juwanna Man (2001), as well as several episodes of TVs’ Parks and Recreation (2014).According to public records (and Facebook), “Reima Houston” was born in February 1993 as a male named “Aaron Glennell Mc Corkle” and is originally from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area of North Carolina.Houston set the blogs and social media on fire last weekend when she sent out video footage to the blogs of her chasing Bobby V out of her apartment (or hotel room) and calling him by name for failing to remit payment after being “serviced.” While the 40-second footage was grainy, and you couldn’t initially tell whether the man in the clip was indeed Bobby V (because he was covering his face), the R&B singer later admitted that it was him in the video, but he claimed that he was being extorted by the alleged prostitute and, on top of that, he didn’t know that the woman was trans.After three successful group albums, they went solo and released Love Always in 1997. Washington, DC-based “Ginuwine” was one of R&B’s preeminent love men during the ’90s heyday of hip-hop soul.Love Always sold over four million copies fueled by the #1 hit, “All My Life.” Other albums and hits followed including It’s Real, which spawned the smash “Tell Me It’s Real” and X in 2000, featuring the hit single “Crazy.” In 2010, they appeared in a T. Initially teamed with Timbaland, Ginuwine has released a number of multi-platinum-selling albums and singles.

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One of R&B’s most powerful voices belongs to Kelly Price.

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